About Skid Steer Mirrors, LLC

Created By An Operator, for Operators

Why the Skid Steer Mirror?

We created the Skid Steer mirror out of necessity. After 50+ years of operating equipment in Landscaping, we found a need for better site lines while operating skid steers. After searching high and low for a solution and unable to find anything; we created our own solution, the Skid Steer Mirror. The owners of Skid Steer Mirrors, LLC live in Solon Springs, WI which is located in Northern Wisconsin. They have strong Christian values and try to provide the best possible service for their customers. John 3:3 | Matthew 6:33.

About the Product - Skid Steer Mirror

The Skid Steer Mirror is a universal mirror that mounts to the arm of a skid steer using industrial grade magnets. The mirror helps give a view of the area behind and alongside the machine. The Skid Steer Mirror was created by Rick Davey and has gone through rounds of updating and improving. In the Fall of 2019 we launched SkidSteerMirror.com and we are now selling the product directly to the consumer through our website!

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